Gas Range 4-Burner with Electric Oven YXZH-TQ-4

Length: 700mm X Width:700mm X Hight:850+70mm

MVR 26,000


  • Full stainless steel body, durable and long last
  • Impulse ignition, with the automatic off protection installation
  • High efficiency heater with separate switch and temperature controller
  •  The power output of the burner can reach 51.3MJ/h.Annular flame ensures high efficiency
  • The burners are manufactured through precision casting to make sure that flames are stable and endurable
  • The size of the flames of the burner is adjustable
  • The oven offers temperature control and flame failure protection functions overtemperature protection function to achieve even temperature distribution
  • The highest temperature can reach 340℃
  • Power Type: Gas And Electric :380V 50Hz 4.8kw