LG 48000BTU Floor Stand Inverter A/C APNQ48LT3S1

MVR 42,000


Quick Response

Floor standing unit can reach at a set temperature in a shorter period of time while providing powerful cooling. Meanwhile, the Power Heating function offers the optimal airflow angle, guaranteeing a faster heating performance.

Powerful Airflow

With powerful air speed and volume, the airflow can reach up to 20 meters. This allows fresh and comfortable cooling much sooner.



Power Supply (V, Ø, Hz) 230/1/60
Power Input (W) 200 x 1
Running Current (A) 0.91
Casing Color 590 × 1,840 × 440
Dimensions (Body) (W x H x D) (mm) 23-7/32 x 72-7/16 x 17-5/16
Dimensions (Body) (W x H x D) (inch) 47 (103.6)
Net Weight (Body) (kg (lbs)) (2 x 32 x 67)
Heat Exchanger ((Row x Column x Fins per inch) x No.) 0.44 (4.74)
Heat Exchanger (Face Area) (m2 (ft2)) Sirocco
Fan (Type) 37.0/33.0/28.0/24.0
Fan (Air Flow Rate) (SH/H/M/L) (m3/min) 1,307/1,165/989/848
Fan (Air Flow Rate) (SH/H/M/L) (ft3/min) External BLDC
Fan Motor (Type) 140 x 1
Fan Motor (Type) (W x No.) 5.2 (11.0)
Dehumidification Rate (l/h (pts/h)) 54/51/49/47
Piping Connections (Liquid) (mm(inch)) 9.52 (3/8) Ø